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December Talking Meme - Day 8: Three Playlists

Since I'm so far behind I thought a shorter post was in order!

So without further ado: three-ish 8tracks playlists I've been listening to lately and why I like them.

slouching towards bethlehem from wutherings on 8tracks Radio.

Why I Like It: I love listening to this late at night-- it's rather quiet and calm, but with a steady beat, almost hypnotic, so it doesn't make me sleepy or grow tired of it. There's a folksy vibe which I prefer to rock or electronic-influenced music. While it has some songs by bands you see EVERYWHERE on 8tracks (Mumford & Sons, Ed Sheeran, Florence + the Machine) they're mixed up with enough other songs as to not be distracting (I like all those artists just fine, but when you hear the same song in every other bloody mix you listen to it tends to lose its charm).

The Best Days from pocketloki on 8tracks Radio.

Why I Like It: HAPPY HAPPY MIX. Expect lots of whistling. Just a collection of catchy, danceable tracks.

Hera: Queen of the Gods from infinitelyunknown on 8tracks Radio.

Why I Like It: Search for Greek mythology on 8tracks and you will literally get hundreds of hits (while Egyptian mythology languishes with like... four *grumbles*). 35 of these are for Hera-- which, you know, is comparatively rare when there are almost a thousands playlists in that tag as a whole, and that's why I listened to it to begin with. Hera is not a particularly likable or popular goddess, for understandably reasons, but maybe that's why it interested me. I simply like the music in this, and unlike a lot of fanmixes I actually understand what the mixer was thinking when choosing most songs.


The Day Slips Away from Regndoft on 8tracks Radio.

Why I Like It: It's probably cheating to count your own mix, so I'm adding this as a bonus. I made this in november, when Autumn still lingered-- I wanted a mix that accurately described the sort of soft, quiet darkness during this time and how it made me feel, but also some that called back to lighter, more colourful days. It's a mix for a transitional period. It being a mix made by me, it's also a hodgepodge of languages (English, Faroese, Swedish, Danish, Sámi, Middle English) and leaning towards folk.

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