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December Talking Meme - Day 1: Who's your favorite author and what's your favorite book by them?

(From katje0711. I started writing this on December 1st, so let's pretend this isn't a late post.)

The worst question. The worst.

Choosing a favourite book is a question I've developed more and more complicated feelings about with age. I don't have the time or urge to read as much as I used to when I was young, and I think I'm not as easily entertained nowadays either. Having a book just reach out and grab you is sadly a rare thing for me nowadays-- I still like most of the books I read, but most don't absorb me completely or leave a deep impact either.

It's also hard for me to pick just one book/author. Especially since two of my favourite books/series are actually collaborations between two authors.

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I still have lots of empty slots so feel free to ask more questions!

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Liz Shaw {She Blinded Me With Science}

Hello Again + December Talking Meme

Life has been... super-hectic the past couple of months. I've maintained my Tumblring pretty well, but LJ/DW has kind of been left in the dust. This has at least partly to do with the fact that reblogging shit on Tumblr is just considerably less effort than trying to be interesting in a blog post. Which is somewhat ironic, because I've had a lot of stuff going on ever since I moved.

So uh, that's a thing. I moved! I no longer have to spend four hours per day on public transport! I live in Uppsala most days of the week and usually go home over the weekends. I don't see the guys in my dorm that often, but the girls have been very welcoming and we get along well. Everything else (studies, mental health, all being so-so) is details.

A lot of other stuff has happened as a result, and some regardless of that-- for example, I went to Dimensions in Newcastle and met People Who Play Characters I Adore (v strange) and am going to the Stockholm Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Gaming Convention this weekend to see Colin Baker (much less strange after Newcastle). Fandom life overall has been pretty weird and meh lately.

Anyway, since everyone's doing it and it'd give me a good incentive to start updating here again, I thought I'd do the December Talking Meme. Basically: give me one or more questions/topics/requests (+ a date, if you want to, or I'll just pick one at random) and I will talk about that (and/or post pictures). If I don't get any suggestions I'll just... try to come up with topics myself.

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Tegan Jovanka {Black Orchid}

Robots of Sherwood icons

As sort-of-tenatively promised, I made a batch of icons! For the latest episode of Doctor Who, that is. While I've made plenty of graphics before I've never really tried making icons, and it turned out to be both interesting and frustrating (they're so tiny! argh!!).

So, without further ado...

+ 35 Doctor Who icons (mostly the Doctor and Clara)
+ Caps from grande_caps
+ Credit is nice but not necessary.
+ Please don't use as bases.

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(I have no idea where else I could post this. Gosh, it has been a long time.)

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Back from the dead

It's been almost two months since I updated here. Two months. I don't even have a particularly good excuse. I did disappear for almost two weeks in late july/early august when the family went on vacation; first to Krakow, and then to the Swedish west coast. Other than that I've mostly spent my time reading and actually haven't been online as often as I usually am. Which still doesn't explain my absence, especially since I have been doing some stuff as well...

A short breakdown of life right now: I've been back at uni since monday, and am taking a course in the history and culture of ancient Egypt *point to new icon*. It's really interesting so far, to have everything I learnt (and didn't learn) as a child filtered through an academic lens. My nine-year-old self would be happy to know that while I'm not exactly fulfilling her dream of becoming an egyptologist I'm doing the next best thing. :P

I've been reading a lot these last couple of months; most notably, I started the Rivers of London series (am eagerly awaiting the release of Foxglove Summer this month!!) and have picked up Discworld again for the first time in years (the City Watch books are so good! How did I manage to miss them? I've only read the first three so far but they're really wonderful).

As for Doctor Who, I am loving the new series. For the first time in ages I am actually... looking forward to new episodes. Peter Capaldi is just lovely, Clara has really grown into her own and the episodes have been good. V. strange. Am tentatively eyeing the 12th Doctor novels to be released next week. >___>

I'm going to try to be more attentive now when summer is over, even if it's just making short life updates.

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Wanderer in the 4th Dimension

Bits and bobs

- Apparently love poetry aimed towards a specific woman(mánsöngr) was forbidden on Iceland according to the Grey Goose Laws (so until mid-13th century). The reason is supposedly a conflation between poetry and galdr; reciting poetry could be seen as an attempt to urge a woman away from the control of her parents, and indirectly her place in society, by magic (marriages were mainly political in Norse society, so wooing an unmarried woman and thereby making her less likely to cooperate wasn't exactly seen as harmless compared to seducing someone who already had a husband).

There is no real point of me telling you this other than 1. it was mentioned in the book on Norse goddesses I finished yesterday, which I should definitely take notes on before returning to the library, because it was really informative and inspiring (sadly it's out of print so I can't actually buy it-- might have to look at retailers) and 2. I just find it really fascinating.

- It's been really hot these past couple of days, as if to make up for the fact that we had nothing but clouds and the occasional rain shower the two weeks before. Even I, who's usually a very enthusiastic sun worshipper, has to go inside after lunch (this is one of those rare situations where living in the basement is a very good thing). Despite this, mum insists I should weed the flowerbeds. *Shudder*

- Speaking of which, mum's friend is over and sort of caught me up on what one of her sons, who was my best friends for most of our childhood, is doing. Which is, apparently, having studied in London and currently living alone in a four-room apartment nearby. He's twenty. Meanwhile, I'm having trouble even deciding what I want to study properly and finding student housing, never mind an actual apartment. See also: can't find a summer job and spends the summer binge watching TV series, reading books and listening to audios.

- At least my sleeping schedule is fine again-- if anything, a little too fine. I usually get tired and end up in bed before 9 pm, and get out of bed at half past six (!).

- I finished the second Klein trilogy (if it can be called that); Persuasion, Starlight Robbery and Daleks Among Us, all of which are really stellar audios. Most of all, I enjoy the dynamic of this Team TARDIS-- Seven really does need companions around, doesn't he? Lest he goes overboard with the preemptive strikes, so to speak. Klein (Elizabeth? Have we symbolically switched to first-name basis to mark that she's not her nazi alternate self?) is also a very different, but interesting, female character (and hey, Daleks Among Us actually explains what happens at the end of Architects of History! ... kind of. A bit. Maybe not), but I think the addition of a bumbling character like Will really makes the dynamic. I'm really looking forward to more audios with them-- especially since the ending seems to indicate that they'll become more of a team from this point on.

(In particular, I find the contrast between Will - who's a very intelligent, but socially awkward, clumpsy, somewhat naive and idealistic young man - and older, frosty but exceedingly capable and adept Elizabeth refreshing, since their character traits are usually associated with characters of the opposite gender.)

Also: there is a statue of a naked Ace McShane wielding a baseball bat on a planet she and the Doctor helped liberate. Canon. Canon (Will's obvious concern that this happens a lot to the Doctor's companions also means that there is, of course, a naked statues of him as well somewhere. Rule of Funny demands it).

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A Visit to the History Museum

First of all: welcome to new friends from the friending meme! I kind of disappeared off the face of the earth of the last two days, as I for the first time in ages actually left the house and spent time with other people.

Remember how I should go to a museum? Well, friday I mostly spend quality time with friends and made the last arrangements for Dimensions in october (and kind of fixed my sleeping schedule by staying up for 24 hours straight), but yesterday stalkerbunny and I went to the History Museum for the first time since they renovated.

(Turns out they weren't quite done renovating, but...)

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Vestal {Ab antiquo}

Summer recs

WHOOO I haven't updated here in a long time *blows dust off of blog*

I don't think there's much point in talking about what I have been doing lately; I'm unemployed, so I really don't have much to do except read books, watch TV series, listen to audios and browse the net. The weather's been awful for the past two weeks, so I don't even go outside much. :/ It's all very distressing. I should go to a museum or something, but my circadian rhythm is fucked up beyond belief and my small number of friends are either working or out of town most of the time, so... books and internet it is.

So like... important fandom things!

I watched In the Flesh, a BBC Three drama about... well, zombies. But only technically. It's set a couple of years after the dead rose from their graves and started attacking people, as scientists have developed a medicine that helps the dead restore cognitive function and makes it possible for them to be re-introduced into society. The series follows Kieren, a young PDS-sufferer (Partially Deceased Syndrome) as he returns to his family in a small, conservative town in northern England, and has to confront the reality of his new existence, an estranged younger sister who was a part of the volunteer forced that hunted down PDS-sufferers in their rabid state during the Rising, and the circumstances of his death.

It was a long time ago I watched a series that actively made me yell, curse and simply engaged me emotionally to the degree this show did. Apart from being beautifully shot with an interesting premise, In the Flesh isn't about zombies; it's about the dynamics of oppression, ethics, guilt, mental illness (depression and PTSD), complex family relationships... It's engaging and by no means a simple show to watch, as you as a viewer is forced to examine your own feelings about what's happening on the show.

Did I mention Kieren (and other side characters) is queer? And it has amazingly well-written female characters (and just well-written characters overall)? I am in love. My DVD hasn't arrived yet but when it does I'm definitely in for a re-watch.

Big Finish-wise, I'm almost all caught up on the main range... welp.

I went to the library a couple of days ago, so these past couple of days I've mostly been reading. Will probably make a separate post about that, but: notably, I've picked up a lot of Norse mythology books. desecrets and I talked about how there seems to be way too few books out there based on Norse mythology with female protagonists, or where the goddesses play a main role - which sucks, because it's not like Norse mythology lacks interesting and badass women.

This also prompted me to borrow ALL of Peter Madsen's Valhalla again (a Danish comic retelling of the Norse myths) and I think I love it even more than when I was young, or when I did my last re-reading a couple of years ago. It's just... really really good and solid intertextual fun, that manages to both radically transform and pay homage to the source material, and I'm sad that the complete series is only available in Danish, Swedish and Norwegian. Because it's my favourite Norse mythology thing and most people will never read it. :'3

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Liz Shaw {She Blinded Me With Science}


Comment fic fest! I will try to fill some of the lovely Classic Who prompts... although I feel like anything I write would be too short/bad to be worth reading. Bleh.

This week has been... surprisingly stressful, considering I haven't done much of anything. Ordering tickets to Dimensions (yes, apparently I'm going to my first convention in like, six years-- not sure whether to be terrified or excited about that) means booking flights and place to stay in Newcastle has become a priority, which means money is a pressing matter, meaning getting a job seems more important than ever, especially if I have to move into student housing in august (if I get an apartment. Which I hopefully will).

I've applied to a job as guide at the National Museum of Economy on thursday, and although the woman I spoke to was very enthusiastic I haven't got a reply. Right now I feel like... maybe I should try to find more options, but it's so late my chances of finding anything are close to nil.

Went to Uppsala on thursday with stalkerbunny for hopefully the last time before august to fetch a written assignment-- passed, incidentally, and am one of few people in class who doesn't have to complement it (yayyy). While there, we also visited the university library Carolina Rediviva to look at their exhibits (high points being: the Codex Argenteus and Olaus Magnus' Carta Marina), had pricy but worth it lunch at café (cheesecake w. ice cream and fresh fruit-- v good) and visited Uppsala Cathedral (still big. Sad the reliquaries weren't where they should be).

Other than that, I've listened to a lot of Big Finish-- I'm on the fifth season of Bernice Summerfield and have discovered the benefits of actually reading novel tie-ins (seriously-- how much better is Death and the Daleks when you've read Life During Wartime? the answer is: much better), about to start the second season of Sarah Jane Smith (the stories don't really grab me but Sarah and Josh have great banter? also it's interesting to compare to SJA; I like both, in different ways) and have started Jago & Litefoot season 7 (SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE I'm gonna marry this boxset).

Have spent today mostly talking about Six/Ainley 30s night club au, baby!fics, Swedish animated movies and Disney's interesting approach to copyright issues. Explained to sis why Star Trek counts as utopic fiction (and why utopias =/= boring world where everything is perfect) and ended up prompting doodles to each other.

Aaaand tomorrow is mum's birthday, which I frustratingly enough didn't forget, I just. Misread the calendar and didn't buy a present on time. 8)

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Tegan Jovanka {Black Orchid}

It's That time of the year

I promise I'm going to post an Actual Life Update soon rather than just dump stuff at you, F-list! But... not tonight.

So about a year ago, gf and I had a sort of. Idea. I don't remember whose idea it actually was-- I just know that for ages we've had this idea that we should make a series of fanmixes for all fifty years of Doctor Who.

Using only songs from the Eurovision Song Contest.

And because I finally got my hands on the music necessary to make this true... I've spent the entire day wrestling with 8tracks to bring you these cracky completely sincere and very serious masterpieces. Yes.

Vol. I: the 1960s

Vol. II: the 1970s

Vol. III: the 1980s

There are links to notes (incl. link to lyrics translations) and tracklists on Tumblr in the descriptions. (◡‿◡✿)

Hopefully I'll get around to doing the 90s for Eight (if I can ever decide what companions to include/not include) and the 2000s for the new series.

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